The world of marketing has changed drastically in the last 20 years. While many other industries have seen major technological advancements in the last two decades, none have seen such fundamental changes as the marketing industry. For a business to stay relevant in the modern age, they need to adopt some of these new practices. Here are 3 reasons your business should get involved in digital marketing.

Compete with Other Businesses

In the modern age, over 70% of businesses have some form of online advertising strategy. This means that you need to engage in these practices to even stand a fighting chance against younger, sleeker businesses in your industry. By taking advantage of digital marketing practices, you can set your business up for the future. If a client is searching for a good or service that you provide, there is a good possibility that they will think to use the service that was advertised digitally. If you have a strong web presence, that could be your business that they look to first.

Target Potential Clients

One of the largest strides made in the world of digital advertising in the past 20 years is the development of micro-marketing. This allows businesses to target specific demographics of consumers online and develop advertising materials that are specific to them. For example, if your business sells dog food, you may want to have different materials for young dog owners vs old dog owners. Young dog owners may prefer to know how healthy your dog food is, and old dog owners may want to be assured that it is as cheap as it can be.

Reach More People

The third advantage of digital advertising is the ability to reach a dramatically larger number of people than with traditional marketing materials. The internet is vast, and it is also a necessity for the average consumer. A recent study shows that the average consumer spends 2-4 hours a day online. This means they spent a good portion of their day potentially seeing your advertising materials! This kind of outreach has never been seen before in marketing, and it can create excellent growth for your business.

These are the top 3 reasons your business should consider engaging in digital marketing practices. Digital advertising is the cornerstone of marketing in the digital age, and it is important for your business to engage in practices that will prolong its life.

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