Small businesses are quite popular, as shown by the presence of tens of millions of them across the United States. If you’d like to start one yourself, consider adopting one of the following business ideas to set your fledgling venture apart.

Online Tutoring or Teaching

Now that video communication has become a normal part of life, it’s easier than ever to set yourself up as a remote tutor or teacher. If you have a particular set of skills or knowledge other people are interested in gaining, you can help them do it from a distance while collecting income in exchange.

Senior Care

One of the best business ideas of today is tied to the fact that America’s seniors are expected to grow rapidly in number in the coming decades. Given the challenges of aging, many of those older adults will need a helping hand. That’s why starting a senior care business may lead to a lucrative future. There are many types to pick from.


Among business ideas, translation stands out because a plethora of companies may seek your services. Any business that hopes to expand internationally will likely eventually need translation services, so if you’re multilingual, that trait may be your ticket to successful entrepreneurship.


Like translation, many businesses need transcription services. Examples include law firms and medical offices. And individuals like professors and podcasters may turn to transcription professionals from time to time, too. The traits of a good transcriber include good typing ability and attention to detail, so if you have those requirements covered, becoming a transcriber could be one of the top business ideas for you. As you gain clients, you may be able to bring other transcribers into the fold, expanding your volume.

All business ideas are more likely to succeed with sufficient financial backing. Reach out today for information on funding options from Array Financial.