Your company may have poured time, money, and energy into researching different branding routes and pinning down a well-honed brand identity, but have you thought about the sort of narrative you want to have running through your company’s advertising? After defining a general brand, you’ll need to then translate that brand into a cohesive narrative for marketing storytelling. Although this process may require additional time and effort, it can make all the difference in terms of creating effective ads that consumers connect with and that can impel consumers to make purchases. Here’s how you can find the ideal narrative for your company’s branded ads in just three easy steps.

1. Consider Your Company’s Mission and Stated Corporate Values

When telling the story of your company through your ads, it’s important to keep your message cohesive and on-brand. That’s why you should consider what your company’s mission and values are before settling on a tone or narrative for any given ad campaign. Make sure you take into account:

  • The main mission that drives your company
  • The corporate values your company holds
  • Your business’s code of ethics and code of conduct
  • Charitable causes the company donates to regularly

2. Dig Deep into the Company’s Genuine Background Story

If you’re stuck for ad ideas and need a little inspiration to get your storytelling juices flowing, consider digging deep into the company’s history and genuine background. For example, you may be able to put together marketing materials that discuss or touch on:

  • Your founders’ motivations for starting the company
  • The story behind how the company formed its current values
  • Tales from the business’s early days
  • Stories of difficulties the business had to overcome in order to become successful

3. Choose a Narrative That Will Resonate with Your Top Customer Bases

Above all, your advertising narrative must resonate with your target customers. This means that you may need to tweak your ads to fit:

  • Your customers’ interests
  • Your target audience’s age and geographical location
  • Your competition’s narratives and resulting crowded niches

You may have already worked to flesh out your business’s overarching brand identity, but defining the narrative to use in marketing storytelling is the next step. Fortunately, this step doesn’t have to be excessively time-consuming or expensive for the company. You can choose the ideal narrative to use in your branded advertising efforts in just three steps by following this guide. Simply consider your company’s mission first, dig deep into the business’s background story for inspiration, and pick a narrative you believe will resonate with your customer base.

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