Company culture is comprised of an organization’s most important expressed and implied behaviors, values, and identity. You can see it in the way that leadership and personnel interact with each other. If the culture is strong, it sends a clear message not only internally, but also to clients and potential employees. It attracts talented job seekers, inspires personnel, improves focus and productivity, and keeps employees loyal for the long term. Here are some strategies for creating a solid, dynamic company culture.

Emphasize the Right Values

Be sure that the core values that your company emphasizes align clearly with your business’s mission statement. You should understand how these values relate to your vision for the business and communicate them effectively to your team. They may include honesty, loyalty, courage, respect, accountability, and teamwork.

Communicate Openly

Your company culture should involve open communication about core values, changes in the business, areas for improvement, performance evaluations, goals, expectations, and other issues. Schedule regular meetings at which all personnel is kept informed and up to date.

Put Your Employees First

When you are hiring personnel, look for people who can effectively represent the company culture you envision. Once they are part of the organization, prioritize the welfare of your team. You can accomplish this by treating everyone with respect, helping them achieve a good work/life balance, and of course by offering them generous benefits.

Be an Example

As the business owner, you should be the embodiment of the company culture that you extol to your employees. They will look to you and other company leadership for examples of how to behave.

Encourage Feedback

Only by soliciting honest feedback will you be able to assess the efficacy of your company culture. Obtain this feedback from your employees through one-on-one meetings, group gatherings, surveys, and other methods. Use this feedback to alleviate misunderstandings and make improvements.

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