Your business’ website will form the basis for a lot of people’s first perception of your operations. Having an excellent website is essential to your business’ credibility and can be a determinative factor in potential customers’ decision-making about whether they want to buy products or services from you or another business. When a website is not getting enough attention or generating the results that you need it to, you have to allocate some time and resources to a redesign project.

Use Data about How Traffic Moves on Your Site

When you are reconfiguring your website, you should utilize substantive information about how visitors have been navigating it. If there are pages on your site that receive little or no traffic at all, there is probably a good reason why. First, it is important to consider that there may be issues with these pages’ functionality. Second, it may be possible that the pages are not located intuitively and visitors to your site simply cannot find them. Finally, the pages may simply be aesthetically uninviting. For example, if people are going to a certain page on your site but not spending very much time there at all, that may be an indication that the way these pages are structured does not really offer much to your site’s visitors. Identifying the most overlooked segments of your site can help you determine how to enhance those pages’ utility during your website redesign process.

Work with Designers Who Know Your Industry

A website designer needs to be fluent in all of the coding language that makes it possible to make a client’s vision for a site come to life. However, it is also typically advisable to work with a design team that has experience serving clients in your industry. I may have some good insight into ways that you can make the site more appealing to your target base of visitors. Also, it may be prudent to work with a team that is experienced not only in building brand-new sites but also augmenting and improving existing sites’ infrastructure. When you’re making plans for a website redesign, you may hear that the best thing to do is start from scratch. However, you may want to get more than one perspective before taking this type of approach.

Boosting the quality of your website can dramatically increase site traffic, lead generation, and revenue. It is important that business operators periodically assess how their site is performing and also compare their site’s features against their competitors’.