Branding and Strategy

Branding Strategy Designed to Make Your Business Stand out in the Crowd

Branding strategy is essentially the process of consciously designing how your company is identified by consumers. It is an exciting and complex process that includes elements of graphic design, analytics, and content creation. At Array Financial our expert branding specialists will work with you to bring all these elements together to create a clear and recognizable picture of who you are as a company.

Graphic Design in Branding

An important aspect of branding strategy is designing your company’s logo. Your logo should communicate your brand’s unique identity and appeal to the kind of customers you want to engage. This will include several factors:

  • Artwork
  • Color scheme
  • Font choice

The choices you make in these areas will be integrated into all outward-facing advertising for your business including your website design, page design, print advertising, digital outreach, and even your business cards and product packaging. It is essential to get it right.

Beyond the Logo

Although designing your logo is important, there are many other aspects to branding strategy to take into consideration, such as:

  • Identifying your target audience
  • Identifying your company values
  • Evaluating your nearest competitors
  • Designing content that reflects your unique voice

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