Are you preparing to open your business? You have probably created your business plan and strategies to grow your business. You may have even started looking for key talent. However, do you know about all the business licenses required of small business owners?

Business License

Yes, the first license you should seek is your operating license. Your secretary of state office provides you with detailed information about your state licensing process. Typically, you have to fill out articles of incorporation, or other business licensing paperwork, and pay a fee. Then, each year, you need to renew your license.

However, if you live and have a business in a city, you may need to work with your local municipality on local licenses. For example, you may have to visit city hall or your city or county’s website to look over the requirements of doing business in the area.

Occupational Licenses

Some businesses need special occupational licenses. For example, lawyers, doctors, electricians, and contractors all need licenses that are specific to their industry. These small business owners need to pass tests and show proof of education to receive state licensing requirements. State regulations, standards of work, and policies differ widely by state, so be sure to do your research.

Zoning and Construction Requirements

Your business can only operate in areas that are zoned for commercial use. In addition, some municipalities break their commercial zoning into different areas, such as manufacturing, retail, etc.

If you purchase land to build your headquarters or other facilities, you need to check the zoning. You may need to have it changed if the existing status does not work for your company. In addition, you will need building permits from the city or county. These permits ensure that you are abiding by local safety and building codes.

Environmental Licensing

Your municipality or county may require that you have an environmental license. These licenses ensure that your company will not damage the environment. Often, they require detailed waste removal plans and pollution mitigation strategies that protect the land, water, and air quality.

Health and Safety Permits

If your business works with anything that is flammable, you may need to get a health and safety permit or license from your local fire department. This type of requirement is common for businesses that invite their customers inside, such as hotels, gyms, and restaurants, but this list is by no means exhaustive. Contact your local fire department for clarification about these licenses.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the licensing process. It will take time, but if you do your research and pursue one license at a time, you will sail through the process.

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